Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Show at Lancaster General College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Nursing students offended by folds & flesh of a body? They are studying to be nurses and they are making fun and are offended?


Jennifer Blaisdell Photography


This work was to have been part of "Indenial", the senior photography exhibit at the Lancaster General College of Nursing and Health Sciences between March 2nd and April 18th.

Three hours after installing the work, I was asked to remove these pieces. It was stated at that time that some of the nursing students found the work offensive.

For me, this work is about confronting issues about body, beauty and acceptability. How can nursing students find images of the human flesh offensive?

If you have the time, I ask you to please visit the exhibit in support of my fellow classmates, myself, and art.

-Jenn Blaisdell 

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