Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rest In Peace Shana Calee Geyer


I have recently lost my best of all friends, Shana Geyer, due to a tragic car accident that happened on Sunday at 7:30am on Limerick Center Road in Limerick, PA. The driver was Ryan Menkins and Shana was in the passenger seat. They both were killed instantly and there was speeding involved. 


I felt like writing about this would help me cope. I have never lost anyone so close to me before. She has taken over my heart, brain and soul. I am thankful for being very close with her family and I hope they know I will be there for them. 
Shana and our friends hung out almost everyday when we were munchkins. When we started to get older, it started to die down and everyone started going their separate ways, still keeping in touch when some of us went to college. 

Most of the people that know me, know her and I were very close friends since the getgo of second grade. I was there for her when she was diagnosed with diabetes and I can still remember that exact moment till this day. 
Our memories consisted of days at Pine Villa, when we drank pepsi with our spaghettio's, ate slim jims, pringles and fruit by the foot while playing Spyro, hanging out on the street with Kel and both Nicks, playing volleyball with a string of christmas lights and all the other nonsense games we made up, "the blair witch is back, alright!", the Puritain town video ( wish I still had it ), new years, your dad and uncle going after the Domino's guy, going to the jail & having your cousin yell its a terrorist!, pretending we were Delia's models on AOL chat rooms and people believed us, the day I got my license and drove up to your house in Pottstown and we were so stoked to go out and my car battery died. Seeing Atreyu at the Troc with my friends from tech ( in that horrible snowstorm and I forgot the tickets so we had to drive back to my parents ) "EVERYTHING LOOKS THE SAME!!!", COWWW ANDDD CHICKENNNN!! in Kmart, embarrassing your mom hehe. Your obsessions with the Spice Girls, Nsync, Scooby-Doo, and Powerpuff Girls. How excited you were to see Simple Plan and meet them on their bus....DUDEMANDUDE! Every single day in the summertime we went to shoot pool in Limerick when there was the rad pool hall where the fleamarket used to be. Our singing and dancing in the car to 80's, ska, etc. and warped tour, which is below us. seeing Transplants together with Eddie. I remember when you got Kody too.

then you would flip your lip down hehe

You coming up to Lancaster for my 21st. I never even got to celebrate yours which was 3 days later from this picture. I never had an legal drink with you.

Girl, I could go on forever.....
There are a billion other memories, which by reading our live journals, they help remind me of the little ones.

You were an amazing, caring, bright, unique woman and best friend. I still feel like it's so surreal.  I will be thinking of you every minute of the day. You will never leave my head & heart. I know you are watching over me...I've seen some signs already. I love it. I hope you love the cross I made for you and the poster your three favorite girls made. 
I am going to stay close to Skyler for you. She needs someone to look up to and I am willing to be that person. I love you so much and your unique laugh :] 

I have glass from the wreck that will be put into YOUR OWN scrapbook that I am making for you. At least I got to take a lovely image of you in your room with my 4x5 camera. That is being framed and hung up for you.

Picture I took of the tattoo that means most to you of your brother Sean. RIP 1986

I have plenty of pictures to scan still from the past. 


OCTOBER 28, 1987 - MARCH 7, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Show at Lancaster General College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Nursing students offended by folds & flesh of a body? They are studying to be nurses and they are making fun and are offended?


Jennifer Blaisdell Photography


This work was to have been part of "Indenial", the senior photography exhibit at the Lancaster General College of Nursing and Health Sciences between March 2nd and April 18th.

Three hours after installing the work, I was asked to remove these pieces. It was stated at that time that some of the nursing students found the work offensive.

For me, this work is about confronting issues about body, beauty and acceptability. How can nursing students find images of the human flesh offensive?

If you have the time, I ask you to please visit the exhibit in support of my fellow classmates, myself, and art.

-Jenn Blaisdell